Une question, un conseil ?

Une question, un conseil ?

10 reasons to come and see us

Hard to choose the informations when you love your territory…

But here are our ten reasons to come for one day, one week-end or longer in the Saint-Quentin area.

Put your trust in us, we have always been living here…or nearly always and like our city like no other.

Living in the city,

That’s true !

Saint-Quentin is a city with more than 55000 inhabitants. You will find here all the advantages of a city : shops, museums, restaurants… And all of this is so quiet, far from the hustle and bustle.

No stress in Saint-Quentin !

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Being in the countryside,

That’s real !

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The countryside within the city, that’s what the Parc d’Isle offers, 5 minutes walk from the train station (the only nature reserve in Europe located in the inner city). We have also our Central Park : the Parc des Champs-Elysées provides, among other things, the opportunity to have a  rest, a picnic or do sport.

The nearby villages are especially charming and interesting : they will reveal unusual churches with art deco bell tower (Jussy, Roupy, Vermand), museums (Alaincourt, Bohain en Vermandois, Fresnoy-le-Grand), water areas (Fonsomme, Saint-Simon, Homblières…), recreational places for young and old (Mézières sur Oise), a few minutes away from Saint-Quentin by car. The destination is also brimming with history and many traces remain (Trefcon and Bellicourt).

Eating french fries in a chip stall,

To taste urgently !

Have you ever given it a try ? Chip stalls were originally trucks that were transformed. They are movable and stationed along roads and offer you to eat french fries in cornet or in a sandwich nicknamed « américain » (a local speciality). It’s not uncommon to see a vinegar bottle on the chip stall counter. Try it and you won’t go back ! For some years now, chip stalls found a key place and don’t move.

My advice : la friterie des Anges in Vermand ! Fresh french fries, local cheese and enclosed place for security !

To taste urgently…

Where to find the best chip stalls ?

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Eating at an affordable price,

That’s possible !

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Brasserie, bar, intimate or spectacular restaurant, there is something for everyone. You will enjoy it for sure.

Whatever your choice, you will be likely to come across figures, enthusiasts and fans of the destination.

At the tourist office, we highlight close relationships and quality…

Contact us for advice ! The friendly staff will inform you gladly !

Discover our good addresses !

Finding accommodation,

That’s easy !

You will find hotels, gites or bed and breakfast, unusual accommodation, campsites and even a youth hostel.

And if you are looking for something exceptional, focus your searches on the website « Esprit Hauts-de-France ».

Esprit Hauts-de-France

Saint quentinois hebergement insolite camping hotel gite - Office de tourisme du Saint-Quentinois


That’s simple !

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Walking or cycling, there are many hiking trails which run through flat lands and thus suitable for the whole family.

Between the Eurovélo 3 cycle route, the Stevenson route and greenways, you will discover the Saint-Quentin destination. To get a clearer picture, you  can buy the map « Mes randos dans le Saint-Quentinois » (2 € in our shop or on line) or visit the departmental website randonner.fr

Finding my hiking trails

Visiting when it seems to be impossible or…

Adopt a guide for your group !

You come with your travel companions, your family, and you wish to discover the underground galleries. But, sadly, no tour is planned or this one is full ?

Don’t worry, we have the solution :

Book your private tour and choose the theme, the day, the time, and even your guide ! As you will have understood, you are the real master…provided you plan it in sufficient time.

Adopt your guide !

parc des champs elyseesdestination stquentin adopte un guide - Office de tourisme du Saint-Quentinois

Improving your knowledge indoors,

That’s simple !

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The Saint-Quentin area and its 9 museums will delight young and old, and those who love history, art or insects…

Discover the museums !

Improving your knowledge outdoors,

That’s convenient !

The destination is a real open-air museum…

You just have to raise your eyes to discover magnificent art deco facades. Strolling around the city, you will enthralled by a remarkable bas-relief.

The secret of a successful independant tour : a great interest and the desire to find…

Fan of Street-Art, this page is for you !

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Let the tourist office staff help you,

Of course !

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The entire tourist office staff is attentive and committed to assist you discreetly from the beginning to the end of your stay.

Feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone for any further questions.

We will be glad to build the ideal stay with you !

Getting to know us better !

Arguments to convince you?

Les indispensables !

It moves on the territory