Une question, un conseil ?

Une question, un conseil ?


Manager of a team of experts who sell dreams and experiences on the Saint-Quentin area.

Cécile Millet, director/manager of the Saint-Quentin Tourist Office and Convention Center since 2014.

My 3 awesome things at work

  • Finding stupid but enjoyable ideas with the team
  • Discovering hidden spots in the Saint-Quentin area
  • Hearing the team laughing within the floors

My 3 awesome things outside of work

  • Watching a good film in its original version
  • Attending a concert at the theater Jean Vilar and admiring the ceiling during the interval
  • Sipping an agricultural rum

My 3 moments of bliss

Taking part (walking) in the evening to the trail race of the oppidum in Vermand

Admiring the sunset on the Basilica from the étang d’Isle (pond)

My mantra

You can be scared but do it anyway

My superpower

Able to follow 2 video-conferences, a discussion and to reply to a message all at once

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